The Latest Odin software- Its Benefits and Downloading Procedure

There are times when we lose our data while rooting or fiddling with the processor of our android mobile phone. So to reboot the device and restore the lost data which might have been very precious, a third party utility tool coded as Odin has been developed by Samsung. Although Samsung has never officially released this software, Odin comes in handy while recovery or for removing carrier bloat.
Odin is mainly a Windows-based application that runs all the version of windows including the old XP too. The software can also be used for unbricking an android device.
Benefits of the Latest Odin Software
The programme communicates with your smartphone using USB connection and can load flash firmware images into your Samsung handset.
  • Breaking or decoding Stock firmware when the phone is stuck or the processor has crashed.
  • Flashing the Custom Firmware.
  • Stock recovery.
  • Flash the old Kernel version.
  • Gain the root access to your handset using root packages.
  • Can repartition your device by plugging in a.PIT file which contains all the partition and repartition details of your device.
Let us now discuss the steps by which you can download latest Odin.
  • If you are new to this technology and you are not 100% sure of what you should do, you might consider downloading the One-click Root App and then proceed.
  • You can get the direct .apk form the website.
  • Your device must be connected to the Pc using a USB.
  • You must also enable the “Unknown Sources” from settings so that the smartphone allows installation of latest software from unknown links.
  • Your device must be rooted at first to begin the installation of Odin.
Downloading latest Odin will help you download .zip version of the latest software from third party sources using Odin Download Helper.  With the help of the download helper, you can also download the latest version of Odin of your handset.
Samsung Odin specifications- The guide to Android Odin
  • You would need a Windows OS to run the software.
  • The Odin software will only work on Samsung Mobile phones.
  • You must pick the proper tutorial and materials according to the model and android version of your device.
  • Picking up the wrong device guide might brick your device.
  • You have to root your device before using Odin or you may flash or un-brick your android device with Android Odin.
  • You must always use the latest version of Odin that is Odin 3.10.6


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